28 March 2010

My latest dreams

(sorry for maybe not being sensical, i'm writing this at 6 AM)
Okay, so today I had two dreams:

Dream 1: Dunno exactly, i recalled it as a dream of an OOBE... then I woke up. And went back to sleep.

Dream 2: This one I remember much more vividly.

My class and some teachers were on some sort of a trip.
All looked normal until i noticed what is a portal thing.
I went inside to see something like a cube, without friction... it all felt unrealistic, but i still had that fun feeling of being outside our realm.
I met some creatures (also being unrealistic, and i dont recall what we talked about)...

Then I found out that the portal was made by painting the area blue with a vibration of exactly 7000 Hz.

Tried it (somehow), it worked! Then I went inside, met some other beings (dreamy but still), and showed it to my teachers. I found out they believe in this sort of things too... then I woke up.

Man, what a piece of nonsense!

Dream from Thursday/Friday night: I was in one of the corridors in my school. Some man was standing on the stairs near us. He was showing us a harp. I instantly fell in some sort of unexplained love for it.

Then it became unrealistic: I found out they're hella cheap, was to get one... then I woke up.

So that's my dream journal so far :P

I was also celebrating WWF's "Hour for Earth" action, during 20:30 to 21:30. Nothing special happened, except that I still haven't connected my electrical devices (only my room was part of the action, sadly). I'm typing this from my netbook connected to the router in the other room :P

I'm still a bit tired so that's enough for now, I might post later today.

27 March 2010

Something is happening... I think.

Hello! I think something is happening to me... like a change...

I've been feeling and noticing what I call "signs".

I think I might not be the average Joe after all... even though I thought I am one of them, I'm apparently not, and there's something special waiting for me... maybe.

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, if you want me to clarify, post in the comments below!

EDIT: I've also added a search bar for this blog, it should be on the very bottom... =)

26 March 2010

The First Post


It's my first post today, and I'd like to gladly tell you that the thoughtBlog is ready to see for the masses! :)

So, what IS this blog, even? I think a lot of you want to see an answer to this of some sorts.

Well, it's a blog about my outlook on the Universe. And, of course, my thoughts in general. It's like an idea/thought/theory journal, only updated irregularly and made wholly public.

So, here's my first thought, but first, a backstory:

See the logo above? Yes, that logo. I got the idea for the blog in school, and drew out the logo on the very same day and the very same lesson. (No idea which one it was, though).

I wanted to scan it.

Then something happened.

The scanner broke.

No matter how much times I reset it, it still failed. And today's desire of mine was to get the blog up and running.

Up until that moment, I was filled with anger and thinking inside the box as the result, which was VERY bad.

Then I stopped for a moment. Stopped my emotions. That was a triumph.

I started thinking outside the box. I thought like: "Hey, I could use my cellphone to get the logo in!"

To make the cellphone steady I used two old VHS tapes. Yes, i'm a retro geek.

Then I made the photo of the logo, connected it to the PC, cropped it, color-corrected it, bordered it and uploaded it.

So, today I learned something.

Now, the question being: Was this one of these lessons life gives you, or was it a challenge given by the Universe to me?

Feel free to comment about it in the comments below.

Yes, i'm pointing there:

| SEE |
/| |
/ \

Now THAT'S what you call thinking outside the box, lol.

Sorry for crushing you with that wall of text, and I hope I see you later on.

As always, constructive criticism please, and feel free to use the comments in any sensible way you might think of.

-- asiekierka, nearing 7 PM on Friday, 26/03/10