28 March 2010

My latest dreams

(sorry for maybe not being sensical, i'm writing this at 6 AM)
Okay, so today I had two dreams:

Dream 1: Dunno exactly, i recalled it as a dream of an OOBE... then I woke up. And went back to sleep.

Dream 2: This one I remember much more vividly.

My class and some teachers were on some sort of a trip.
All looked normal until i noticed what is a portal thing.
I went inside to see something like a cube, without friction... it all felt unrealistic, but i still had that fun feeling of being outside our realm.
I met some creatures (also being unrealistic, and i dont recall what we talked about)...

Then I found out that the portal was made by painting the area blue with a vibration of exactly 7000 Hz.

Tried it (somehow), it worked! Then I went inside, met some other beings (dreamy but still), and showed it to my teachers. I found out they believe in this sort of things too... then I woke up.

Man, what a piece of nonsense!

Dream from Thursday/Friday night: I was in one of the corridors in my school. Some man was standing on the stairs near us. He was showing us a harp. I instantly fell in some sort of unexplained love for it.

Then it became unrealistic: I found out they're hella cheap, was to get one... then I woke up.

So that's my dream journal so far :P

I was also celebrating WWF's "Hour for Earth" action, during 20:30 to 21:30. Nothing special happened, except that I still haven't connected my electrical devices (only my room was part of the action, sadly). I'm typing this from my netbook connected to the router in the other room :P

I'm still a bit tired so that's enough for now, I might post later today.

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  1. I don't think these dreams have any meaning, though. They were just dreams, and today's ones were fairly unrealistic for me to be considered as part of an outer-realmy meeting...

    The Thursday/Friday dream I'm wondering the most about, though...